Friday, February 29, 2008

Kitchen Ramblings

One thing I was reminded of this week is that we tend to take for granted the small things that make life easier. Our refrigerator went out. It is only six years old and only had a one year warranty. This kind of surprises me, but I guess a short warranty period is pretty typical. So for the past week we have been using our back porch as a temporary refrigerator/freezer. Yeah, lots of milk slush in our cereal.

Luckily the refrigerator was able to be fixed and we did not have to drop a grand on a new one. And the whole incident forced me to clean out and organize. After tackling the fridge I completed my now fully functioning kitchen by hanging my new mobile from the mobile swap I participated in. One good thing about having old banged up cupboards is that it is OK for me to pound nails into them!

The mobile is from Ellen whom I have no idea how to find out in the vast expanse of the internet. So, I hope she reads this so I can say THANK YOU - I really love it! The colors go great in my kitchen and it is so nice to have something pretty to look at while I do the dishes.

very happy with my first swap (and my new refirgerator)

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Chara Michele said...

Oh that mobile looks absolutely lovely! And how nice to have your fridge fixed instead of having to buy a new one :)