Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is absolutely ridiculous how long it has been since I have written here. I have thought about it periodically and each time it saddens me! Life just got in the way. We moved to a new home, so basically THAT is what got in the way.

We are so happy and fulfilled to be where we are now, but the journey was rough. It was a short sale, which meant we got a great deal financially but with that came a great deal of stress: banks, banks, banks! Add to that the stress of selling a home in this kind of market. If that is not enough, there was also the stress in trying to box, move, and unbox EVERYTHING (I wonder how we have acquired so much STUFF and how it ever fit into our old house?) with a two year old. I guess she is not two yet but she definitely hit the terrible twos long ago! I think I used the word "stress" too many times there and my recollections from English Comp 101 tell me to switch it up a bit, but stress is exactly what it was and I can think of no better word!

All of that was not even the worst. I think the hardest part of the whole ordeal was showing the old house to potential buyers, because of course the house had to look pristine and pristine was nearly impossible with The Terrible Two! Thank goodness for my mother and her willingness to watch Maari in a pinch. I think she is the person most to thank for us being where we are today, as there is no way I could have turned chaos into pristine without her.

I am rambling on about things that do not matter anymore. Done and over, right? This particular post is not supposed to be about introducing our new home, saying goodbye to our old home, or going on and on about the road we traveled to get here. That can all wait for another day. We have something, or should I say someone, much more important to introduce!

Meet Betsy Blue!

She is our new Boxer/Spaniel/Maybe Dalmation rescue pup. I guess you can see why her middle name is Blue. I love that blue (actually 1/2 blue as I have been corrected by Connor) the brown one too! Betsy was 11 weeks old when we adopted her, last Saturday. We told Connor he could change her name if he wanted...he came up with Lizzy but then decided he didn't like it so much. So it is still Betsy Blue, usually just Betsy (or Mommy has taken to calling her Betsy Boo). We'll see if Connor comes up with something else, but if so he better hurry because she is responding to Betsy quite well. I do like the name Betsy - liked Lizzy very much so too!

More on my Baby Betsy (yes my Baby is a mama's girl as all my babies have been) and our new home when I find the time to find the picture uploader for my camera (this picture was taken by Betsy's foster mom from Homeward Bound). Yes, I write to you now as I clean dog poop off the carpet (I have done very well with the pee pee outside but her poo just comes so sporadically - can't quite figure out when she needs to relieve). And yes, I should have been in bed 2 hours ago...but so is life~