Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We had our first dance recital!!

Someone was VERY excited.  Here she is practicing before the big night.

And here she is in her debut performance...featuring the dinosaur song.

Pretty good technique for a beginner

So now I am officially a soccer mom AND a dance mom.

She LOVES it and that is what matters.  As put by her preschool teacher during our conferences the other week, "Once Maari finds a passion she knows and sticks with it."  Very true

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Dots

I finished an entire sweater!! 

The bigger my girl gets the more meaningful that statement is. I still do not have the patience to finish one in an adult size. someday

The pattern is The Little Dots Sweater by Yumiko Sakurai.  I used an all cotton yarn.  This child has VERY sensitive skin so cotton is our fiber of choice.  I really love the little button detail on the back but Maari rarely lets me put her hair up.  You see princesses wear their hair down...ALL THE TIME.  So, most of the time you cannot see the cute button.

Oh well, hair up or down she likes her new sweater!