Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking Back

So I have been "reunited" with one of my dearest childhood friends. We had not spoken for years and then my mom saw her mom at Target, and well you know how that goes. It has been fun to catch up with Meghan after all of these years.

Although we remained friends into high school, our best times were in middle school. This is such an odd age I think, too old to be carefree kids and not quite old enough to be cool & mature highschoolers. We definitely leaned more to the side of crazy children than hip teens.

Japanese language class, 7th grade, complete with a double set of braces:

Anyway, this is a top I made for Meghan, the
Cabo Halter by Amy Butler. I actually made the same one for myself last year, yes she picked out the same fabric as I did - did I mention she has great taste!

So here's to middle school memories - silly sleepovers, first crushes, braces, Japanese language class, and a certain good friend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We have officially rediscovered the back porch. It is by far the best place in the house to spend a lazy weekend morning.

We received a warm birdsong welcome back from some backyard friends: little chickadees, a beautiful cardinal couple, and an entire flock of robins. The bird feeders hang directly off the roof of the porch so we have a great closeup view. Also, our soil must be loaded with worms to attract so many robins. Connor and I tried to count them and lost track at 15 - they started to move around too much.

The song and dance of the cardinal couple is just the cutest thing to watch. Last night the female flew up to the feeder for a snack. The male stayed in the apple tree, keeping a lookout I suppose. The entire time they sang back and forth to one another and when the lady was done eating and flew off into the woods, the male followed immediately - just like every good husband should do, right?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Saturday we were lucky to have courtside seats to the Harlem Globetrotters. You know who was so very excited (still is)! Yes, we all felt like "important people" in our prime spot.

Papa and Nana treated us to the game/show, in which the Globetrotters won their twenty-some-thousandth game against the Generals. Of course it was a very close game, with the top player injured right before halftime. Luckily though he made a miraculous comeback and led the team to victory!

So now Connor would like to be a Globetrotter when he grows up. Immediately after the game, autographed ball in hand, he bolted from the car toward his basketball hoop. And, pretty much all day Sunday was spent shooting hoops. That evening, in an exhausted tone he said, "All I did today was play basketball."

Monday and Tuesday Connor took a little break from his basketball training.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finding a Little Peace

This weekend got a little hectic, especially for a girl who is becoming more and more of a hermit! We spent one evening getting schmoozed (if that is a word?) at a hockey game, one evening at a birthday party, and almost an entire day at the elementary school's Kids' Kandyland Karnival. The latter was probably the funnest, although also the most draining especially after the sugar rush (cotton candy, mini doughnuts...) wore off.

Somehow I also managed to get some yard work done - clearing away leaves, etc. - I like to get this done (or at least started) before the plants start coming up, much easier that way. Under a pile of leaves next to the house I found this beautiful green peeking through!!

So, green outside and a little sunshine finding its way inside made for some peace in between the craziness that was this weekend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Patchwork x 3

My latest obsession - patchwork.

A messenger for Justin's mom to use as a travel bag for her spring vacation:

She liked the similar wool version in my etsy shop, but I told her that wool just wouldn't do for a SPRING vacation.

A patchwork pouch:

This one is up for grabs here.

And of course something in linen for yours truly because it was absolutely necessary that I have another purse.

This one made it through the big bachelorette party last weekend. I too managed to survive.

Now I must finish my laundry and routine Friday cleaning so that when Connor gets home from school we can enjoy the beautiful day - FINALLY a warm sunny day!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Very Funny

Mother Nature's April Fool's joke on us:

The sun is out now though working hard to melt it.

Connor had fun fooling his Daddy this morning. We emptied out Justin's Smart Start cereal and replaced it with cat food. Connor also dropped some marbles into his work shoes. Unfortunately Connor chose to tamper with the black ones and Daddy chose to wear the brown ones. Well, next time he wears the black ones he will find a surprise.

Connor says he is saving his fool on me for tonight...ahh the suspense!