Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking Back

So I have been "reunited" with one of my dearest childhood friends. We had not spoken for years and then my mom saw her mom at Target, and well you know how that goes. It has been fun to catch up with Meghan after all of these years.

Although we remained friends into high school, our best times were in middle school. This is such an odd age I think, too old to be carefree kids and not quite old enough to be cool & mature highschoolers. We definitely leaned more to the side of crazy children than hip teens.

Japanese language class, 7th grade, complete with a double set of braces:

Anyway, this is a top I made for Meghan, the
Cabo Halter by Amy Butler. I actually made the same one for myself last year, yes she picked out the same fabric as I did - did I mention she has great taste!

So here's to middle school memories - silly sleepovers, first crushes, braces, Japanese language class, and a certain good friend.


mayaluna said...

I'm still very close with my best friend from middle school. Such a vulnerable time...I adore this shot of you two "girls"! You have a lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Good memory! Thanks Kim! Miss you...remember the night we stayed night and walked to Tom Thumb??