Thursday, September 27, 2007


It has been a busy and exciting September. Connor has had many "firsts" this month: a first day of school, a first lost tooth, and now a first field trip. The kindergartners were off to the apple orchard this week where they picked pumpkins, went on a hayride, played on the playground, and of course picked apples. A very fun "first" for Connor.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First of Many to Go

Connor lost his first tooth this weekend after weeks of it dangling in his mouth. The new tooth is already halfway up. You've gotta love this stage when kids get their adult teeth but their faces have not quite caught up. Somewhat akward, but very cute. Funny how it seems like those two little bottom teeth popped up just yesterday & poof now they are gone.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank You Bags

I finally finished these bags for Connor's Nanas. I was hoping to have them done by the time he started kindergarten, but things never seem to get done when I plan. They are "Thank You Bags" for all of the help we have received over the past five years. Justin & I both work and have been lucky to have one nana with a home daycare and another stay at home nana who loves helping & loves playing! We have been so fortunate, both financially (daycare at a reduced price of $0) and more importantly knowing that our child is in good hands!

So for Nana Jeani, a pleated bag from this book:

And for Nana Yvonne, a pocket tote from this book (with some changes to the handles)...

and another clutch from Bend the Rules Sewing. I love these things. They whip up nice and quick (in other words they fulfill that need of mine for instant gratification).

And of course both bags embroidered a bit on the pockets.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Something Oh So Special

I received a wonderful surprise this weekend, very old and I believe quite rare. This blanket/wall hanging is a gift from my grandma who recently stumbled upon it in her home. It was handed down from her mother, my nanny, and had originally belonged to the generation before hers. So all in all we think the blanket is over 200 years old.

It is hard to believe that it is that old considering the impeccable shape it is in. There are very few snags & the colors are still very vivid. The letters that make up the border are really unique. They appear to be Arabic, although, I am no language expert so could be completely off on that one. Maybe I will have to do a little investigating.

Everything about this blanket is intriguing: the patterns, the patterns within patterns, the double sided coloring effect... I did just sit and stare at it for quite awhile. I would like to keep it out to enjoy rather than wrapped up and protected in a box where I will never see it. Perhaps a corner of the room that does not get much sunlight (to avoid fading) or many visits from the cat (to avoid snags and thick clumps of white hair). I feel honored that my grandma would hand such a special heirloom down to me! This will mark the fifth generation (at least) of ownership. When I look at it I will think fond memories of both my grandma & my nanny. Thank you Grandma for such a thoughtful & special gift!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Connor's Garden

Early this spring Connor watched intently as our neighbor ripped up a big portion of her yard and planted a vegetable garden. After seeing the seeds begin to sprout he decided he wanted to plant his own garden. I thought he would prefer vegetables but rather insisted on flowers. He chose zinnias and we now have a beautiful abundance of zinnias next to Connor's sandbox. Although, they may not last longer as I hear rumors of frost (ugh, it's only September). I thought I better bring some inside to enjoy! Next spring we will plant the seeds a little earlier (we only had flowers for about a month or two as we were a bit tardy in starting the garden).

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Final Wedding

Saturday marked the last wedding of the season. We had quite a few to attend this summer, all very lovely. I suppose that as we enter our late 20s we will attend many more as all of our friends "mature" (we'll see).

And a new clutch for the event from this
book. The fabric for both the outside and lining as well as the button all came from the same garage sale last weekend. It was one of those "jackpot" sales. The entire living room was stacked with fabric, the hallway filled with vintage buttons, trim, binding, thread... pretty much anything crafty you can imagine, even sparkly red pipe cleaners for Connor. The woman, an ex-interior designer, was getting rid of 99% of her pocessions (home included), buying a motor home and taking to the road. Wow!

Anyhow, farewell to our summer weddings. This last one was quite nice. It took place outside at the bride's parents' home: candles, lanterns, fresh outdoor air, and old friends that we have not seen in a long time. It reminded me alot of my own wedding - good memories.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Goodbye Summer, Hello Change

A very relaxing and much needed trip to Justin's family cabin marked the end of summer. The weekend was full of swimming, fishing, bonfires, lots of gooey marshmallows, and just plain relaxation with all three of my boys. Yes, Polk even got to come.

The cabin itself was just the quaintest little place nestled on a lake (love the retro kithchen floor).

Much thanks to Justin's family for sharing their getaway, enabling us to enjoy the last weekend of summer in such a wonderful place.

Endings mean new beginnings and with the end of our weekend came two tired boys...

and Connor's first day of Kindergarten!

I think the backpack is the same size as my little guy. This day is bittersweet for me. Connor is so excited to start school (and very ready), but I can't help wonder what happened to that little baby. Oh, I must be strong and let him grow up. Congratulations Connor! I know you have been looking forward to this day for a long time. What big changes for us all.