Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Connor's Garden

Early this spring Connor watched intently as our neighbor ripped up a big portion of her yard and planted a vegetable garden. After seeing the seeds begin to sprout he decided he wanted to plant his own garden. I thought he would prefer vegetables but rather insisted on flowers. He chose zinnias and we now have a beautiful abundance of zinnias next to Connor's sandbox. Although, they may not last longer as I hear rumors of frost (ugh, it's only September). I thought I better bring some inside to enjoy! Next spring we will plant the seeds a little earlier (we only had flowers for about a month or two as we were a bit tardy in starting the garden).


Anonymous said...

Hi Connor,
I want to tell you that you grow beautiful flowers!
How is school going,have you made a lot of new friends and learned a lot of new things? Do you have homework?
I just know that you are a very good student and the teacher will enjoy having you in her class!
Love to you,Great Granny

Stefanie said...

Good words.