Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here Comes...

Too much Halloween candy?  No, that's not it (well maybe some of it).  We are having a BABY!!!  Our family becomes five this spring!

Friday, November 2, 2012


This year it was Pippi Longstocking and the Beast...yes Connor being Beast again.  It is getting to be more about the candy and less about the costume for him as he ages.  Next year I might have to make him venture away from this mask.  Maari also wanted to be the same thing she was last year - a princess of course - but we talked her into trying something different.  At least one of them had to change costumes!  With that hair she just had to be Pippi at least one time in her life.

Poor Pippi was sick for the big was mom.  But we still made it to the neighborhood pary/tractor ride/trick-or-treat.  Maybe all that candy we ate will make us feel better.

Maari seemed more excited about these pumpkin seeds than the candy.  She was so eager to bake them and then took one taste and declared a "YUCK."  Oh well, the rest of us are enjoying them!