Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking Out

And what is it that she is so mesmerized by?

Of course!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Virus

I am giving up on the series...we have all been a little under the weather so I have been ignoring it. Being sick is no fun as it is, but being sick and having a sick little one brings on a whole new meaning to exhaustion. First it was Connor who didn't have it too bad, then me with the three day sinus headache (by far the worst headache I have ever put up with), then Maari, now Justin with a so-far mild version.

The poor little girl has not been sleeping well. Plus, she is just so stubborn that when she wakes up (usually 2 am) she does not want to go back to sleep for a couple of hours. This makes mom + dad (and Maari too) very tired.

On a side note, our Nana turns 60 today! We gave her her first gift: our nasty little virus, just in time to celebrate her birthday. Sorry Nana!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(4) A Plaid Hat

I never would have expected myself to fall for pink and purple plaid. But, this little remnant really caught my eye one day and being that it was on sale I bought it, not knowing what I would ever make out of it. After stumbling upon this pattern I knew.

The pink and purple plaid hat was made using the White Melton Hat pattern from the book Carefree Clothes for Girls by Junko Okawa. Lots of cute stuff in that book, although the sizing starts at size 4 so we have a couple years before the clothing will fit our girl. I lined the hat with really thick (and really soft) fleece so I think that is why it turned out small enough to fit her now. The strap is much too long but I left it that way in hopes that I can add another buttonhole for future use.

The other day Connor asked me if I could make a hat for his cheetah. I asked if he wanted one like this one? No, more like his Vikings hat he said...hmmm, knitting for a cheetah. Not sure if I am up for that task!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

(3) A Little Sweater

My first hand-knit wearable sweater! Technically, I knit my first sweater over a year ago for Maari when she was teeny tiny. It was quite sloppy and therefore deemed unwearable. This one I am much happier with.

It is the Wrap Top from Claire Montgomerie's Easy Baby Knits. It took me awhile to complete, as I am a very inexperienced knitter...but it was worth it.

I love the ribbon. And I love that it is in the back because that way the little munchkin cannot untie it, although I'm sure that eventually she will figure out a way.

Kind of like the socks...they never stay on for more than ten minutes. Hey, who needs toys when you have pretty socks!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lucky Connor

A break in my silly little series to announce something much more exciting...

Connor got to meet two MN Twins baseball players this past weekend. Pictured above are Joe Mauer and Michael Cuddyer and of course Connor. Being the sports fanatic that he is, he was thrilled. When Mauer walked into the room the first hand he shook was Connor's...pretty special stuff!