Friday, October 16, 2009


To Maari,

You think you are so funny, growing up so fast on your mama. You think you can just keep on getting bigger and bigger every time I blink an eye. Those cute little clothes, outgrown so quickly. But with this little hat I have tricked you.

Seven months later and it still fits! Yes, a snugger fit, but a fit nonetheless (thank you ear flaps). You can't fool me little girl.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lost and Found

I have to say that Justin and I (Connor too) are not the most organized people in the world. We tend to misplace things - bills, glasses, keys, phones, bakugans... Then when I do try to put everything in its place I forget where that place is. We both lost our wallets in the same week. I was at a garage sale, put the wallet on top of the car while I buckled Maari into her car seat, and off I drove. I then spent hours walking up and down the road, emptying my car out, and driving around looking for that small piece of brown leather (all while lugging around the baby). I was lucky - a city worker found it and turned it into the police.

In a small attempt to organize myself, I made this. It is the Market-Run Checkbook Cover from Heather Ross's "Weekend Sewing."

I thought maybe if I make it prettier I wouldn't lose it. The logic here: I never lose my jewelry, it is pretty, maybe that is why I keep better track of it. So far it has worked. Several months and I have not misplaced it even once! VICTORY Now I guess I need to make something pretty to house my bills, glasses, keys...