Wednesday, September 17, 2008


With another person soon to arrive in this house we are having to do some rearranging. In the spirit of things I have graciously donated my closet to the new arrival. I have been attempting to stuff its contents in other spots which has proven to be a frustrating task.

We happened to be out looking for a new computer desk, when I spotted my solution, a giant beautiful old armoire for only $160!! I have always wanted one but the typical $3,000 price tags are far outside of my armoire budget. I sat and stared at it for awhile wondering if it would fit in my room, trying to decide on whether or not to splurge. Then I opened it and saw little sign.

Yes, we are going to have a little girl, 95% sure we are anyway. Connor is still holding on to that 5% chance that he will get a little brother, but I think in time he will be very happy to have a sister. When I saw this little dress sitting on the shelf of the armoire I knew I had to have both. The first of many vintage dresses and a solution to my huge pile of sweaters without a home. It was a good day!