Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweets for my Sweets

Ever since Maari was sent home from the hospital with a stuffed bear Connor has been pleading with me to make him a bear. Not that the poor child doesn't already have a teddy bear or ten (which I pointed out to him). I happily agreed to make him a new stuffed friend trying to persuade him to choose something that I had a pattern for because of course that makes things much easier for Mom. But, he insisted on a bear.


I am thinking it looks more like a cross between an owl and a squirrel but am told that it looks just like a Pokemon. He was a little shocked at first - not realizing it was the bear he had been begging for - but loves it just the same.

And for Maari I whipped up a little redheaded doll to cuddle.

Fist in mouth + babydoll in hand = happy baby girl!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our little nursery is now complete with the arrival of this...

I take no credit for this lovely, it was all Nana - although I did pick out the pattern. Yes, I made my poor mother squint at a small blurry picture I had found online - can't remember where now, it was so long ago :( Also, there was the fact that it was written in Japanese and she had to convert centimeters to inches. The end result was well worth the toil though - it is perfect!

There was so much thought put into every detail. I went over to Mom's house one day and she had five different hairstyles laid out - bun or ponytail, light brown or dark brown hair. Little did we know at the time that our little girl would have red.

She even goes all out on the back. This is truly something that Maari will treasure for many years!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Over a Week Later...

Maari was baptized last Sunday morning the 29th... It was a very nice and surprisingly relaxing morning. Maari wore her great-grandpa's christening gown - eighty years old - which someone put a LOT of work into making! She did a great job of not making a mess on it. She also had grandma's baby shoes. Her little outfit had lots of sentimentality. She decided to take her morning bathroom break right as she was being baptized. After that the star of the day took an extra long snooze all the way through brunch.

A few scenes from a lovely day: