Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We have been having some fun in the dirt, each in our own way. Justin planted a new tree in the front, while I started some seeds in the back. Connor, he will partake in ANY activity that involves dirt, so, he helped with both the tree and the seeds.

We planted carrots, tomatoes, and sunflowers using these small planters because I am still paranoid about frost - you never know. Obviously, they will need to be transplanted, but that just means more fun in the dirt. We also started a pot of cilantro because it is my favorite, I will eat it on everything! I never cleaned out the herb pots from last year and was shocked to find that the chives came back in full force this year - I thought they were an annual plant?

I would love to plant a full vegetable garden but am scared that those pesty little forest creatures will eat away all of my hard work. We'll see, but I definitely need to add some more herbs (fresh basil rates right up there with the cilantro)!

Although Connor loved the planting, his favorite "dirt" activity this year is digging for fossils. He has this special collection box in his room with all sorts of things that he finds captivating and says that the only thing missing is a fossil. Yes, he has been pretty adament about this (to the point of trying to crack open large rocks to see if they hold any fossils inside) - hmmmmmm.

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