Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Recap

This little mother's day gift left me with a lump in my throat.....


side 2

He has just gotten so smart - I am shocked at what he has learned in only a few months time. He is actually writing his own sentences! Amazing what sponges those little brains are.

It wasn't just his intellect that made me teary eyed, but of course his sweetness too. I love that my one wish is "to go back in kinderagatin." Yes, I often tell Connor that it would be so fun to go back to Kindergarten again. Although (and this is the part I don't mention to him), if I were magically shrunk back to grade K, I know I would have to go through all 12 of those other grade too. Not so sure I would care to do that!

And I received a lovely bouquet of wooden flowers. The busy little guy also made a little painted pot holding a real flower, but we had a little accident with that one, resulting in a few tears :( but I think a little superglue might fix it.

And I spent some time with my mother on Sunday browsing through a local nursery. A beautiful sunny hour with one of my favorite people.

Justin had a good laugh at my gifts to her, only because they were exactly the same as his and Connor's gifts to me: garden plants and and a book. He even picked out the same card! What can I say, like mother like daughter, our interests are the same.

I also made her a little felt needlebook and one of those cute birds from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. I didn't intend for them to match but it turned out nice that they did.

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Anonymous said...


So cute! I love the little bug on his hand-flower. Attention to details, a very important sign. :)

I've been meaning to make one of those birds (I was going to do them as tree ornaments) but have not done it day!