Friday, February 8, 2008

100 Days

Happy 100 days of school to Connor. Wow that went fast! Mrs. Rose has lots of exciting activities involving 100 for her kindergartners today - how fun! One of the teachers brought in her grandmother who turned 100 in August. All of the classes - grades K-5 - are going to take turns meeting her. What stamina - the woman is going to sit in the library for the entire day and greet hundreds of children. I get tired being around all of those kids for only two hours! My job this morning was to help the children count out their 100 snacks - pretzyls, chocolate chips, peanuts... I did my best to keep the little guy whose finger seems to be permanantly attached to the inside of his nose toward to end of the line (yeah that's a little gross).

So, on that appetizing note, here was last night's dinner! Currently, I seem to be in a cooking phase. These phases generally last about two weeks and then I tire of the whole thing. I love eating fabulous food (don't we all) but don't always enjoy the whole process that it involves. Don't get me wrong, I do like preparing meals, just not three times a day (sometimes more with a six year old's constant growth spirts), seven days a week. Last night was fun though!

The joke around here is that I should have been born Asian and Justin should have been born Mexican due to our tastes in food. When I cook it is typically Chinese, Thai, Japanese. When he cooks it is almost always tacos. Since I do most of the cooking (!!!) we eat far more Asian cuisine. I usually win when we go out to eat to.

Very tasty!!

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