Wednesday, February 6, 2008

B is for Bag. Bag is for B.

That title sounds like sentences from Connor's kindergarten reading books, but this bag was made for "B" - my brother-in-law Brian. The strap broke on his backpack and he wanted to replace it with a messenger bag.

I'm not quite sure if people ask me to make them things because they really like my work or because they want to be nice. It seemed like he was really pleased with it though - so maybe he actually likes the bag and wants to be kind!

This is my first male bag and I really enjoyed working on it. It was a change of pace to focus most heavily on the the small details and pattern and not give much attention to fabric combinations. And simple is often most beautiful. Sometimes I forget that.

(I told Brian that if he didn't like the bag I would be happy to keep it for myself - no such luck!)

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