Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend Recap


We went to see Justin's brother Brian play at a coffee shop. I have been such a hermit lately - the February blues I suppose. It felt good to get out. I guess I figured coffee shop music would be appropriate for Connor's age, i.e. some nice acoustic guitar. Well, I was wrong - it was so loud!! All of the tables and chairs were cleared away so it was more of a crazy college party with coffee instead of beer. I am definitely not a prude and would have stayed and enjoyed it all thoroughly, but I do not want to be responsible for my child going hard of hearing. I read somewhere that children's eardrums are much more susceptible to loud noise - I am sure that by the time he hits his teenage years he will be doing plenty of damage to those ears without any help from mom and dad.

Instead, Connor and I walked down the street to a quieter coffee house and had a piece of carrot cake by candlelight.


We were supposed to go to a 30th birthday party on Saturday evening, but it did not work out. So Justin says, "since we are not going out I am giving the cat a bath." What an exciting alternative! He has had this whole bath thing in his head for awhile now. Being allergic to cats - I had the cat long before the husband - he thought a bath might help out a little. Polk actually did much better than expected. I thought it would be more traumatic. I was picturing drenched cat clawing frantically, hissing - even though he never hisses, having some kind of spastic outburst, but this was not the case. Polk was a little frightened at first but I think toward the end he actually enjoyed the warm water being sprayed on this back.

After his bath he took a long rest - lots of commotion for an old kitty.

He is so soft now!! We spent a good portion of the rest of the evening stroking his shiny clean coat - and he smells like "tropical breeze."

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Anonymous said...

I love your Mobile,Kim, you have a special talent and I'm sure that who ever was to recieve it was pleased as punch!
About those February blues, they hung around here for awhile too.This has been a long and and dreary month, hopefully Spring is not far away!
Polk looks like a big powder puff!
Love you,