Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome March

Thank goodness for March. This winter has been LONG. What do we have, one month of slushy gray melting before a little green starts popping out? Sometimes I wonder why we live here and put up with it all, but I think each season makes us appreciate the next so much more.

This weekend recap:

Friday - movie night. I think I am somewhat of a jinx when it comes to movies. Every time Justin & I watch one together it ends up being a really bad flick. This could also be my requirement that the movie be less than two hours. It seems that the length of the average movie has doubled over the past few years. I can understand why some need to be three hours long for artistic purposes or whatever, but 3 1/2 hour romantic comedies......come on!! I guess I just lose interest after a certain point (unless the movie is so fantastic that it deserves taking up my whole evening).

Saturday - some friends we have not seen in so long came over - fun fun catching up.

Sunday - tiling the bathroom - Justin and my dad that is. Connor and I were a little less ambitious.

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