Saturday, March 8, 2008

Teeth and Bones

Lots of talk going around here about teeth. Connor has eight loose! Hopefully he doesn't lose them all at the same time. If so, we might have to alter our meal content (applesauce and bananas?). Also, it was recently dental hygiene week at school. All the talk about teeth prompted a certain someone to decide he wanted a special pillow to put his tooth fairy teeth in. So here it is, complete with a pocket to keep those shiny whites safe:

Not my best work, but I was under some pressure with eight ready to come and the constant "is it done yets?" The tooth pillow was made using this pattern:

Toby the dog has also started losing his baby teeth. Connor thought he would try to trick the tooth fairy by putting Toby's molar under his pillow. Well, she is not tricked so easily...Connor ended up with a giant bone in his bed the next morning. He's convinced it is a dinosaur bone. The tooth fairy also left a little something for Connor to thank him for the rarity. Both dog and boy were pleased.

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Jennifer said...

I love the these! You should sell them in your shop!