Friday, December 21, 2007


Oh...I'm late, but who cares. I know it is technically the 22nd and I should either be in bed, packing for our trip, or wrapping Christmas presents, but I choose to draw out the birthday as long as I can. Connor is six today (or yesterday the 21st)! Wow-it is so hard to believe. So, 6 things about the 6 year old:

1) Connor LOVES football (and futbol in the summer)!

A football quilt from Nana Jeani & Papa Jayson (handmade by Nana).

A new jersey from Nana Yvonne & Papa Dave.

2) Connor's favorite foods are somewhat similar to other children in that he loves mac n' cheese, corn dogs, & chicken nuggets. However, unlike lots of others his age Connor enjoys many other types of foods, i.e. seaweed (he will eat it like a french fry), cabbage (huge coleslaw fan), and Chinese dumplings (of any sort & prepared in any fashion). I am so blessed that my son lives by the kindergarten motto of "be polite and take a bite" and that he almost always enjoys his bite.

3) Connor's best friend is Bennett.

(Bennett is not wearing "jailbird" pants. They decided to play dress up before the party, hence the pirate pants)

4) Connor's favorite colors are blue, red, black, and brown.

5) He is a doodler. As I mentioned before, I can NEVER find a clean piece of paper around here. So, he will either grow up to be an artist or an NFL football player. Although, for over a year now he has told me he wants to be a mailman. They are all quite different career paths so I suppose he is just a renaissance man.

6) Quite honestly, I think Connor is unique for his age. This may sound biased, but as a person I think he has an extrodinarily kind heart and a deep soul in that he is loving, understanding, and just plain nice. For example, it is just common law around here (by his choice) that Mommy gets at least 5 hugs before bedtime. Some say he is shy, I say he is observant. He is an intense watcher (especially of older children - of course) and he remembers finite details from years ago, yes at age six. He has never done or said anything at school to make another person feel bad. For this I am extremely proud of him and feel lucky to have such a kind and loving child!

Well, I am starting to get sappy, but it is all true. This time of year always brings back memories of six years ago when I received the best Christmas gift ever.


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Anonymous said...

You not only had the best Christmas present 6 years ago but you blessed me with the greatest gift also, my first great grand child and he is very special and loved so very much.
I love you ,