Monday, December 17, 2007


OK, I know my birthday was two weeks ago (and I am not one to dote over my own birthday) but I am going to talk about my night out anyway. Justin and I have developed an annual tradition for my birthday - dinner at our favorite restaurant. I know this does not sound all that exciting but really it is. The food is spectacular as is the presentation, service... Just look at this, my own personalized birthday menu!

After good food, good wine, and a flaming dessert we head down to the little bar down the road. The first year we stumbled upon it because the temperature outside was below zero, it was about a block away, and we were not about to walk more than that. Again this year it was cold, but I think we went back for reasons other than that. I guess it may become part of our tradition.

Justin was feeling particularly generous that night. He was determined to find a homeless person to give our leftovers to. Yes, he approached people at the bus stop asking where he could find some homeless people to give his food to. I don't know if the people were offended by him or just plain shocked. Anyway, poor Justin may have had one too many cocktails with dinner, but really he does have a big heart. And, he did find someone at the end of the evening. The man was not homeless but was happy to take the food.

With that said I will talk no more about my birthday, until next year. It is time to concentrate on the next one coming this Friday. The birthday boy wants hot dogs, coleslaw, and baked beans. Sounds like a summer feast to me, but what he wants he will get. Oh, and chocolate cake of course.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Birthday celebration,those are the kinds that fill the pages of your memory book!
Give Connor a big bear hug for me,can't believe that he is 6 already!
Love you all,