Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today I turn 28 years young - those years really creep up on you. So...

*****28 Random Blurbs About Me on My Birthday*****

1) I am a cat person, really big cuddly ones to be exact.
2) Guilty pleasures- red wine, chocolate, and pizza, not usually all at the same time but on a really good day, yes.
3) Not so guilty pleasures - reading and seafood.
4) Something I wish was a pleasure - exercising.
5) Favorite movie -
Sophie's Choice - makes me cry every time (it's a fabulous book too).
6) Favorite book - too hard to choose, but have recently enjoyed this
one, this one, and this one.
7) Favorite children's book - also too hard to choose, but love
this, this, and this...
8) I love music - all genres. Not a big country fan but some of the folky stuff that I enjoy really borders on country.
9) I majored in piano performance for one year.
10) Favorite classical composer -
11) Favorite color - green - and
12) Green eyes
13) I'm an only child.
14) Which means I am a little spoiled!
15) My husband and I were born within a few miles of one another...
16) Our parents then up and moved to the same suburb.
17) We didn't really meet until college though. It was very romantic - nasty college basement party, the kind that reeks of spilt beer an b.o.
18) I have never been a morning person...
19) However lately I have come to favor the morning hours (after a cup of coffee).
20) I have had the same best friend for 10+ years.
21) We are very different but it works well.
22) My house is blue which would not be my first choice, but I have come to like it - it's home.
23) I have been getting my hair cut from the same person for 12 years.
24) I carpool to work...
25) With my father!
26) My life has not followed the conventional order, i.e. 1 get married 2 buy a house 3 have a baby. Well I did things in the exact reverse order.
27) I am happy with the way that turned out!
28) I was born somewhere around 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.

Last night my mother-in-law said that 28 was one of her favorite years. So I welcome 28 with open arms! - Bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Kim,
You are so beautiful, here comes the but,Please a smile,you have so much going for you!!
Love you,