Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas to Mrs. Rose!

Well, one Christmas gift I can share before giving... Connor and I made this memo holder for Mrs. Rose, his kindergarten teacher. We thought it would be fun to make something for her and even more fun if we could both participate.

So, Connor drew the picture for the outside. We used the Crayola fabric crayons and Mommy ironed it on and sewed up the rest. We included a small notepad, pen, and matching paperclip. It is backed with Timtex (which my sewing machine has come to hate) so it is nice and sturdy.

Connor says he loves it, so I have one almost completed for him as a Christmas gift. He is a doodler (I can never find a blank piece of paper around the house) so I'm thinking he will love his as well.

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