Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter White - Feline Style

I have been very inspired by Shari's winter whites , so a little winter white that lasts all year around here. Yes, that white hair of his blesses everything: my black pants, brown couch, gray couch, navy blue wool coat.......................I actually welcome him lying on my favorite white sweater that I always leave laying around because I know the damage is easily hidden. That long white hair is just so pretty that all is forgiven!

When I adopted him he was nestled on a heap of newspaper, so his hair was more of a dingy gray, but I knew he would clean up well .

So, the story of Polk (somewhat long) goes like this:

My first cat, who I got when I was five, passed away the exact same day I went faraway to college - he held on long enough to see me go. I guess I just needed a feline companion, so adopted Chicco (not Chico but Chicco), a.k.a Polk, from a woman who had 40-some kitties in and outside her home. Evidently, in Miami people think that since it is warm all year the animals can fend for themselves - she takes in these abandoneds. So, she found my cat, left by its owner, cowering underneath her car. He was the first male cat she ever had who took a liking to the baby kittens, bathed each and every one like he was their Mama.

Well, my poor white kitty was beaten pretty badly by his original owner. The first couple of months that I had him he hid from everything and everyone. He would bolt every time he heard footsteps and all of his front teeth are missing - a pretty good sign that some #?#!#!!!!! kicked him around pretty hard.

Over the years he has adjusted well. He is no longer afraid of footsteps and grows more trusting and affectionate all the time! So why Polk and not Chicco anymore? I thought he needed a new name, a fresh start. The poor thing had bad diarrhea when I got him, caused from emotional distress? bad diet?, not quite sure. A friend informed me that our late president James K. Polk had chronic diarrhea; hence the name.

Although he may look "winter white" Polk hates the winter months. Everyday he stands next to the sliding door that leads to our porch because he wants some fresh air... and everyday that I open it for him he backs away when he feels that gust of cold air. It's funny, he keeps thinking that one of these days it is going to be warm air that hits him in the face. Yes Polk, in a few months that warmth will be waiting for you. So, I saved him from abuse and 40-some others to compete with, but I moved him to a climate that just does not agree with him.

Here is Connor's portrait of Polk from art class. I love the way he attempted the side profile, pretty good for a kindergartner! Also, the attention to detail is priceless - Polk has back claws but no front claws. (I did not capture that big bushy black tail in any of my pics!)

Here's to you "Winter White Cat" - spring shall come!


hilde said...

Oh goodness, what a lovely drawing of your cat!! Connor surely is an artist!

Anonymous said...

My Goodness,I can hardly believe that you,Connor,drew such a great picture of Polk!You are a good artist!I'm sure that Polk loves you!
And I do too,