Thursday, January 24, 2008


It has been COLD here! We haven't had a lot of snow, just that arctic chill. We did get a little snow though on Monday. I love the way it sticks to the screens on our porch. If we get enough it feels like you are inside a little snow fort.

So, a new scarf to keep warm. I used some old wool my mom gave me for one side and an old linen shower curtain for the other. That button keeps the scarf in place which is definitely necessary in below zero weather.

This blue one is for sale here. It is made from hand-dyed wool that has been pieced together.

I used the same basic pattern for both scarves (wrap around once & button) but varied the details. Mine is made from a continuous piece of wool that is top stitched down the center while the other is a patchwork design. Can't decide which I like better but green is my color so that is the one for me! I hear the weather is supposed to improve - a high of 22 tomorrow!!

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