Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sunday Skating

We did a little ice skating on Sunday. Connor has been itching to try and he could not contain himself anymore. After a warm weekend, the rink was full of puddles but he was determined to make a go of it anyway. This made for some wet falls.

He did pretty well for his first time. By the end of the day he was moving around without hanging on to an arm. He took the most spills when his mind wandered away from the skating - watching passing cars, people (2 teenage girls in particular, goofing around being silly girls - yes this was very captivating for my son).

And, Justin was shocked at how good a skater his wife is. He was a little nervous about me bringing the camera out on the ice with me (yeah he snatched it away right after I laced up my skates). He was certain I was going to end up falling in one of those puddles. But I stayed up the whole time, which kind of surprised me too - it has been years since I have done this. I am very far from graceful, Connor will probably surpass me very soon, but it was lots of fun! I can see this becoming a frequent activity.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Connor and you too Mom! Believe it or not I was pretty good in my day,a l-o-n-g time ago!One of the best gifts that I ever got as a teenager was a pair of white ice skates with fur around the top but made the mistake of lending them to another and never saw them again!The weather hasn't been the greatest lately for it but hear that it will get better(for skating! Have fun and make lots of memories!

scissorspaperglue said...

how fun! that picture of the skates in the ice is great!