Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Snippets

-Some Halloween highlights-

-Carving pumpkins at home-

-Getting full of goop -

-Coloring gourds at school-

-Costumes: The Cowboy-

Chaps handmade by Nanny, vest handmade by Mommy, with a lot of guidance from Connor.

Badge holder handpicked by Connor from Nanny's recent bag of goodies.

-Connor's measurements for the vest (Mommy measured, Connor recorded)-

-Costumes: Mother Hen-

-Also from Nanny-



layers of bulky clothing (yes it was chilly) + running full speed to get to the next house + a month of built-up excitement + the thrill of seeing friends + dark + SUGAR

= at least three tumbles by each trick-or-treater

(none serious :) )

Can you match the pumpkin to the carver?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I fell so honored to have been able to contribute a tad to the Halloween celebration!! Such a handsome Cowboy!And Mom you are so glamorous in the chicken hat,gift from long ago from Uncle Jeff,you needed a feather boa to complete the look,sorry I don't have one of those.
Love , GNanny