Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Trees

Another field trip for Connor and this time I got to come along. We visited a local tree farm where the little ones got to enjoy a hayride, cut down a tree (well, they watched), haul it in, and prepare it for someone's home. Fun, but really cold. I think it was the coldest day we have had yet this season - something like 15 degrees in the a.m. At least we all dressed warm and the sun was shining - the apple cider helped too!

So here is a fun fact straight from the tree farm:

Your average Christmas tree is eight years old!
Oh, and here a better photo of one of our turkey friends, through the blinds. If I had opened the door he would have been gone. Maybe one of these times I will get a good shot. I think I am becoming obsessed with doing so - it's a challenge. Bring it on turkeys!

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