Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy Fun

This week has been a bit hectic. Saturday morning was Connor's last soccer game. He was quite proud of his four goals and medal. Later that evening I had a lovely dinner out with my husband followed by a cocktail with my oldest friend, whom I tend to loose contact with for months at a time (yeah I know - bad friend - but she is to blame too jet setting all over the country with her new beau!).

And last night we attended a concert, the Gabe Dixon Band. The band formed at the University of Miami while I was studying there and I always enjoyed hearing them. So naturally when I heard they were coming to Minneapolis I was ecstatic. They played at the Varsity Theater which is right in the neighborhood I lived in when I attended the University of Minnesota. It all brought back good memories - both Midwest and East Coast. Anyway, very talented, fun, high energy band. Too bad they only played the opening. Next time I'm hoping for a full show.

Yes, these days most of the live music I am graced with comes from "The One Mand Band." And just like the band mentioned above this one is very talented, fun, and always full of energy.

Oh but I am not used to going out two times in the span of three days. Yes, I am not a young college student anymore, just an old mom! I am tired and desperately need to clean my house (but I had lots of fun!!).

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Anonymous said...

Congradulations Connor on your Soccer medal,I'm just sorry that I didn't get to see you play and score your goals.Thank you for the great Halloween Card that you made, you are quite the artist as well as a musician! You are so welcome to the cookies and hope the chaps fit the bill,have fun trick or treating!!
Love from Great Nanny