Monday, October 8, 2007

More Apples

Connor has desperately needed a special spot to put all of his school papers. So far everything has been piling up on the kitchen table, on the piano bench (?), or on the floor of Connor's bedroom. Then when we go to look for something important, a book order form or that one "homework" that Connor just has to finish, we have a very hard time finding it - CHAOS! So I made him this little organizer, well actually it is not so little. As I was figuring the layout I kept thinking of more items that it needed to hold and the size kept growing.

Yes, we (or maybe just I) have been a little apple crazy lately, but it is the season. After starting I realized that the theme was very appropriate considering Connor's bedroom window looks out over our own apple trees.

The organizer has lots of compartments and hooks for odds and ends including two very large pockets for all the papers that come home in that big backpack, because you know we can never actually get rid of anything around here. As you can see we have already started organizing all of our schoolwork. Now if only I could get all of my other stuff piles straightened out.

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