Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Tunics & Acorns

Miss Maari in the Emerson Tunic Dress.

Our pictures were taken awhile ago in early fall when the acorns from our many mighty oaks were just starting to drop and it was still warm enough to get away with short sleeves once in awhile.  Now we are bundled in sweaters (some days in down!), our oaks have shed most of their leaves, and we have to wear our tunic with a layer underneath.

The buttons on the back are my favorite. The sweet little orange flowers came from a vintage tablecloth, each one a little different from the next.

I had to add a strip of fabric to each side because it wasn't quite wide enough, but I like how that turned out with the contrasting vertical/horizontal stripes, same as the piece on the back.  And now she will be able to wear it into next spring!

We will end here with a few silly shots of a girl dancing/posing in acorns on a warm fall afternoon, in her new tunic dress of course!

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