Monday, October 15, 2012


Like many three year old girls, my daughter is crazy for princesses:  Cinderella, Belle, Princess and the Pea, Snow White, Jasmine...and now the Seven Nasty Princesses.  We went to a play put on by some local 7th-9th graders all about some pretty vain sister princesses.  I think the idea of naughty princesses (aren't they usually perfect?) was a bit confusing for little Maari.  Also, the ladies ended up learning their lessons from two witches and instead of living happily ever after with the prince, he fled from the whole lot of them.  None of this follows proper fairytale protocol.  However, I think she kind of got the gist of it.

The "real life" princesses were not at all nasty and were kind enough to pose with their most adoring fan.

And even share their beautiful head pieces.

Making our Maari the 8th princess (although not at all a nasty one!)

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