Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Connor at Camp

This week we are coping with the absence of camp.  For the past eight weeks (has it really been 8!?!?) Connor has spent three days at camp.  Looks to me like he enjoyed it!

To be ten again!

And no, mom was not hiding in the bushes taking pictures - can't you just see me all incognito, camera ready?  I think my extremely loud screeching three year old would probably have given me away.  No, the staff was just kind enough to share their photos.

This was Connor's third year at the same camp and he loves it!  He comes home so full of excitement and stories which makes mom happy.  So I was shocked when one day he told me he didn't want to go to camp the next day.  I tried to pry out of him why: was he being teased, bullied? was he tired, bored, sick?  "No, no, no I just don't want to go on Friday, but I'll go every other day."  Finally, several hours later I finally got it out of him.  They were going to be having a big Hunger Games competition and all his friends knew everything there is to know about Hunger Games and he knew nothing.  So we had the big "It is better to try to solve your problems than run away from them" speech after which Connor proceeded to the computer for a crash course on the Humger Games.

And guess who came home with THE trophy, guess who won the whole thing against ALL the kids in ALL the age groups and ALL the counselors...yup, that's my boy with the giant gold goblet!

(lesson learned!)

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