Thursday, August 25, 2011

At the Beach

As September creeps up upon us, this is probably one of our last days at the beach. Well maybe not our last day at the beach, but perhaps our last day in the water. That water is already chillier and as dark seems to come earlier and earlier each day we feel fall coming on. With school starting next week we thought we better enjoy ourselves!

Sandcastles, fish chasing (Connor trying to catch one for his moat, Maari just not understanding why they kept darting away from her), swimming, splashing, and just plain soaking in the warmth. With a seven year age gap between my children, I have found that this is one outing that they both really love (oh me too!)

(By the way, even though there is a seven year age gap they still manage to have their little spats...see Connor's smirk and Maari's little attitude - that was him splashing her, her not liking that one bit, her screeching, him splashing her again...)

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