Tuesday, January 19, 2010

(1) Flip Dolls

I guess I am going to do a little series here. One of the purposes, among others, of this space for me is to have a spot where I can keep track of the things I make. I like to think it will be a place I come to five, ten years from now and reminisce. Things got away from me over the last 2 1/2 months so I have some catching up to do. Many of the projects were Christmas/Birthday gifts and others were just for fun. Most were made for Maari as it is much easier to come up with ideas for a baby (I am refusing to call her a toddler) than it is for an eight year old. So anyway, each post will be a new little something.

First off, meet Lily and Grace. These were the names they came with, although I'm sure that in the next few years they will be given new names.

They are flip dolls that came as a kit from Umbrella Prints. Each has a smiley face, a laughing face, and a sleepy face. Very sweet.

I think right now I am enjoying them more so than Maari but that will likely change. Connor is also somewhat interested...the fabric on one doll boasts a cheetah (well we think it is a cheetah anyway). This proves his obsession of this animal - even a doll can catch his attention! So in a way we are all enjoying the new dolls.

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