Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Birdie

The finished bird mobile for the nursery (inspired by this) has turned out to be very fitting. As a newborn, Maari's noises reminded me of a little birdie. As she has gotten older the little chirps have begun to transform into coos, but those bird calls are still there, especially after she wakes from a long sleep.

The birds were oh so fun to make, trying to get them to hang evenly was not quite so fun. I wanted to use real twigs but figured that wasn't such a baby friendly thing to have hanging over the crib.

I am proud to say that her mobile is her favorite thing to watch! It makes her giggle every time. She prefers it to be "wound up" so the birds fly around all crazy. I think she is going to be a birdlover. Her first smile was not at mom or dad or big bro, but at the owl decal on her wall. It must be a thing in this family. Connor is currently fascinated by the eagles that have taken to sitting on the edges of the melting ice on the lake. I guess we are all a bunch of birdwatchers!

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