Thursday, November 20, 2008

Redo for Baby

Well, we have been digging stuff out of the depths of the basement for baby. Seven years down there uncovered (oops) left some things a little gross. Nothing a new slipcover can't fix.

This project was a little more difficult than expected. Maybe if I had planned and marked the old parts before just completely ripping it apart it would have made things easier. But who has time for that?

Now I suppose it would have been wiser to just wash the previous cover, but the little trees were calling to me.


Joanna said...

I have that same bouncy seat! I was going to pass it on to a friend who's due in March, but now she's not getting it before I make a new slipcover. What a great idea!!

Its_Lily said...

oh no....washing the original cover would never have worked. You were right when you said the trees HAD to become the new cover. It's great!

Liz said...

That slipcover looks amazing! I bet it is so much cuter than the original. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

meg said...

it was well worth the effort! now you have the most stylish bouncy in town.