Wednesday, June 4, 2008


View from the backseat:

Two brothers in front spent some time on our road road trip this weekend listening to their Armin. I know, this is not quite legal, but on long rides Justin needs his music and Connor needs his movies. This was our only solution, plus they look pretty cute/silly/techie/goofy/ridiculous up there with those headphones on!

So, Connor and I sat in the back with the laptop propped between us watching movies, and season 1 of the Smurfs - love that cartoon, not so sure he does though. However, once in awhile I do get my way and due to some technical difficulties there weren't many other options. We also had some pretty great conversation. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the everyday that I forget to have these silly little talks. Eight+ hours in the car gave me a chance to do this! My favorite convo went something like this:

C: I used to be a girl.

M: No honey, you've always been a boy.

C: No Mommy, I really used to be a girl. I'm seeeerious. I was born a girl and then changed into a boy.

M: I remember when you were born and you were definitely a boy.

C: Mommy, I'm seeeeeeeeerious. I was a girl and then changed into a boy when I was like 1 or 2 or something.

M: Well Connor, if you are born a girl you stay a girl and if you are born a boy you stay a boy. (this comment brought some snickers from the front of the car)

C: Well not me.

M: OK Connor.


C: HAAAAAA, just kidding!

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::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Haha...that is such a cute/funny conversation. Great picture too...showing the World we live in today...very high tech! ;)